Have a Yarn

Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia


December 2014 - Bendy's Christmas Booties

This adorable little pattern came to us from a customer in New Brunswick, Bendy Tingley, who remembers it as given to her by word of mouth over 40 years ago!

Our samples are knit out of Fleece Artist Father Christmas colourway but let your imagination soar as to what you use. For the double knitting weight yarn we used 3.25mm needles, and for fingering 2.75, size becomes larger or smaller accordingly.

All you need are some Christmasy colours (we used Merino 3/6 from Fleece Artist), 2 knitting needles, darning needle & scissors.

Begin at the cuff edge by casting on 15 sts. Knit 6 rows then switch to stocking stitch ie knit one row, purl 1 row until the leg is desired length (approx. 1.75 inches), ending with a purl row. On the next knit row, knit 10 stitches, turn, purl 5 sts, turn, knit 5 sts. Continue knitting & purling 5 sts until you have done 8 rows - ending with a knit row, at the end of that eighth row, pick up 4 sts along the flap you have just made and then knit to the end of the needle. Next row purl back picking up another 4 sts along the other side of the flap. Work 6 rows stocking stitch and cast off. Sew up the bottom of the boot and the back of the leg and you are done!

~Have a Yarn