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Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia


July 2013 - Traditional Newfoundland Honeycomb Mittens


Yes, it's Christmas in July! It's that time of year when most knitters are thinking about starting their Christmas gift giving projects and what more would be well received than these warm and beautiful mittens. This pattern has been a long-time favorite among knitters and loved by all those who receive them. Numerous variations of this pattern can be found on the internet but I would like to share mine with you.

Materials: 2 skeins (100gr. each of two colors) of worsted weight yarn. I love Nepal, 50gr balls (65% wool, 35% alpaca). It's so soft and warm, beautiful to knit with and comes in a gorgeous array of colors, it is my ultimate favorite. If you choose to knit with Nepal you will need 2 balls of your main color (A) and 1 ball of contrasting color (B).

Needles: Double points, 3.5mm and 4mm

Stitch holder or safety pin, darning needle

Using 3.5mm needles cast on 42sts. with color A (MC) dividing sts. evenly on needles. Place marker so you know where you started your round. Work in K1, P1 rib pattern for 2 1/2".

Change to 4mm needles. Purl 1 round. Purl another round increasing 6sts. evenly. (48sts.)

Begin pattern : *Knit 4 of color B, slip 2sts. of color A.* continue this pattern for a total of 5 rounds.

Purl 2 rounds with color A.

Important: Once you have completed the 5 rounds of pattern + 2 purl rounds, slip 3 stitches from your 4th needle (in your right hand) to your 1st. needle (in your left hand). A helpful hint: as you move your 3 sts. from needle 4 to needle 1 you will want to move your marker as well. You may also want to re-arrange your sts. on your needles to avoid a build up of sts. on needle one. Repeat pattern for a total of 5 times ending with the 5th round of pattern. You should have approx. 2 1/2" of pattern.

Thumb: On the first purl row P2 sts. on needle 1. Place the next 8sts. onto a stitch holder or safety pin. Cast on 8sts. to replace the 8sts. you just put on your holder. Purl around. Purl one more round.

Make 5 or 6 more patterns + the 2 purl rows or until your mitten reaches the tip on your little finger. Knit one more round re-arranging your sts. at the same time (12, 12, 12, 12). At this point break off color B. and use color A to finish your mitten.

Top decrease:
*Knit 4, k2tog* around
Knit one plain round
*Knit 3, k2tog.* around
Knit one plain round
*Knit 2, k2tog* around
Knit one plain round
*knit 1, k2tog.* around
Knit one plain round.
*knit 2tog.* around
Draw your yarn through remaining sts. and weave in end on wrong side.

Thumb: With needle one pick up and knit 6 sts. from holder, with needle two pick up and knit 2 remaining sts. from holder, 1 st. from side and 3sts. from cast on edge. With needle three pick up and knit 5sts. from cast on edge and 1st. from the side. (18sts.) Knit in stocking stitch 2" or so or until just below the tip of thumb.
Decrease: *K1, k2tog.* around. Knit one plain round. Knit 2tog. around. Draw yarn through remaining sts. and weave in all ends.

Make the second mitten exactly the same. To knit smaller or larger mitts increase or decrease the number of sts. by 6sts. Enjoy!


~Karen Simmons