Have a Yarn

Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia



July 2009 - Quilted Lattice Stitch

The sample is knitted in Arequipa.


This pattern gives the impression that you have done some very time-consuming embroidery!


Pattern: multiple of 6 sts plus 3

(Wyif = with yarn in front)

Row 1: (wrong side) and all other wrong-side rows - purl

Row 2: K2,*sl 5 purlwise wyif, k1; rep from*, end k1

Row 4: K4, *insert needle under loose strand and knit next st, bringing stitch out under strand, k5; rep from*, end last repeat, k4

Row 6: K1, sl 3 purlwise wyif, *k1, sl 5 purlwise wyif; rep from*, end k1, sl 3 wyif, k1

Row 8: K1, * k next st under loose strand, k5; rep from*, end last repeat, k1

Repeat Rows 1 - 8

From A Treasury of Knitting Patterns by Barbara G. Walker

- Anne Morison